Brexit and EU nationals in the UK

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As you probably know, under the withdrawal agreement, all national citizens of the EU Member States who have established their residence in UK prior to 31 December 2020, have to apply for resident status by 30 June 2021 with the competent British Authorities in accordance with the EU Settlement Scheme.

The UK Points-based immigration system entered into force from 1 January 2021, which establishes new rules for citizens who do not yet live in the UK and wish to obtain a visa in advance, to work or study, for example, and that treats EU and non-EU citizens equally, prioritising individuals’ skills and talent over where a person comes from.

For citizens wishing to visit the UK, you can do so without applying for a visa, for tourism, visits by family and friends, study visits, short-term business, among others, however, to the EU nationals from 1 October 2021, passport will be required.

EU citizens are able to apply for this status through the EU Settlement Scheme for them and their families to continue living, working and studying in the UK after leaving the EU.

Under this scheme, the UK authorities will consider the rights of citizens that currently live in UK, including access to health care, subsidies and pensions, which are likely to be maintained. To check if you are ready for the changes please visit this site:

Like other services available online, this is also a free service that you can access from the comfort of your home. Available to all citizens and the registration is carried out through an application designed for this purpose.: apply.

Citizens eligible for such status will be required to prove their identity through their passport or citizen card and their UK proof of residence. They will also have to provide a digital photo of their face and criminal registration, in accordance with a specially designed App ID Check, which shows how to apply. It will be necessary for the applicant to use an android or iOS mobile device.

As with EU nationals in Portugal, it is always recommended that being a resident in a country different to your nationality, should apply for consular registration at the Consulate.

They should also hold proof of residency documents in the UK, tax contribution records such as a P60’s, council tax bills, utility bills and/or home rental contracts and any other similar documents.

Such documents will assist in verifying your position and you should always ensure your records are up to date with Department of work and pensions (DWP) and Her Majesties Revenue and Customs (HMRC), as well as any other ID documents you carry.

All citizens can access the platform and request the required ‘Free’ service. However, should you experience any problems or difficulties using this service, we would recommend you seek the services and advice of a solicitor who will guide you through the process.

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The reason why the British want to exit Europe. It's because they're racist and selfish. They don't believe in sharing their wealth with others. They are SNUBS. Tony, Canada

By Tony from Other on 19-03-2021 11:55
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