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EDITOR, Certain things in life we try not to think about until suddenly we have to. Sadness and the emotional situation we can find ourselves in numbs our normally questioning minds and enables the world to bypass some taboo and delicate subjects. With your permission I would like to challenge and put forward an alternative synopsis to generations of tradition.

A 100 years ago almost everyone was buried in the local cemetery when they died. The cemetery was cared for by the local authority, grass cut, bins of discarded flowers emptied, piped water supplies and gates locked at dusk. Until costs and demands on space caused a rethinking of the thousands of years old tradition.

Then for the last 50 years most people have been burnt in the crematorium. A more convenient industrial solution but very wasteful of precious fuel and bad for co2 emissions and pollution. In short not a very good answer for the modern thinking world of electric cars and windmills. Perhaps there is a better way. A way one might grade as AAA ++ .

Imagine, if you will, a beautiful willow basket rather than the solid oak casket. No graveyard but an open field along side a primeval forest in the countryside. The wicca basket is buried and an oak tree is planted above it. Every province could have it’s own forest growing year on year as people transform into mighty oaks. Walks through the woods could show where individuals are marked by their chosen tree. No having to give up your space after 50 years to recycle the grave site. Little or no long term maintenance for the council. Brownie points for the politicians as it is green, cost effective and not wasting precious resources. Plus what a wonderful benefit for the nation. The creation of a long term resource, a national forest. Now that is where I would like to end up. A boost to nature, the country and the world.

In my opinion this could be a solution many would choose if it were an option. I know that I would love to be buried in a Forest of Souls.

Howard Delaney Brownlow, Monchique

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