Following the mayor, Manuel Machado, affirmed that, in the services of the Chamber, “no project was initiated” with this objective and that he only knows what he read in the press on the subject, Carlos Cidade said that “no there is nothing new”.

At the beginning of the meeting of the municipal executive, the two mayors of the PS responded to the CDU councillor, Francisco Queirós, who questioned the lack of information about the process and the expected location of the future golf course, on the right bank of the Mondego, between the Ponte da Portela and the river beach of Rebolim, upstream of the water catchment of Boavista.

“It is an aspiration of decades of many Conimbricenses (citizens from Coimbra)”, said Carlos Cidade, assuming that, for this purpose, he has participated in meetings with the FPG and the golf academy Quinta das Lágrimas, a valence of the tourist and hotel complex of the family of the lawyer and businessman José Miguel Júdice.

The councillor with the Sports department also addressed some of the CDU's concerns, namely of an environmental nature, after Francisco Queirós warned of the application of fertilizers and other chemicals commonly used in the maintenance of the golf course turf, when in this case, downstream, water is collected that supplies Coimbra and other neighbouring municipalities.

With the current solutions, according to Carlos Cidade, there is the possibility that these sports spaces “will be made with technology that values ​​the environment and does not jeopardize it”.

The creation of a golf course in the municipality "is one of the objectives of the electoral program", stressed the mayor, president of the Municipality of Coimbra, to recall that it is an idea that comes from previous mandates of the municipality, including when this was chaired by Carlos Encarnação.

"Right now, the situation is this and not more than this", concluded Carlos Cidade.