At the beginning of March a letter arrives from the customs authorities saying they have suspended our medication delivery, and to await their pronouncement of the contents in due course?

We are now at the end of March, with no response from customs and the post office ‘wiping their hands’ of the matter.

It is my belief that the customs stopped our medication when it arrived in Portugal on week 2, it then took a further 2 weeks to send the ‘holding letter, and we are now a further 3 weeks down the line, so 7 weeks.

I suspect, if a another notification materialises, they will want the receipt for the medication in order to charge 40% IVA. This is of course not possible as we receive our tablets from the NHS. They will then be sent back to the UK.

This process is a total waste of time and portugese public money, and is what keeps this beautiful country full of friendly people so impoverished, Abysmal Governance.