More than 87 percent yet to receive vaccine

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More than 87 percent of the population is yet to receive the Covid-19 vaccine in Portugal.

According to latest figures, only 6 percent are currently fully vaccinated, while 13 percent have received at least one shot of the vaccine.

To date, Portugal has received 2.3 million vaccines, of which 2 million have been administered.

On a regional level, the Alentejo tops the number of jabs, with 17 percent having had their first, while the Algarve is at the opposite end of the scale, with just 11.4 percent having had their first dose.

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Good comments people. Nobody is going to fill my arm with antifreeze or some other clot forming agent. They will never stop this thing. There will be another mutation along shortly and the vaccines will all be useless, just like the common cold (that's all it is after all). Just wake up, smell the coffee and get on with it. It will run it's course no matter what. I've had it. Not that bad so long as you are reasonably fit and healthy. but there is the problem, they are making everyone wear these stupid masks that do nothing except force you to rebreathe your own CO" and then you become oxygen deficient and presto, your dead. Once the lungs are damaged there is no way back!

By Martin Wootton from Lisbon on 08-04-2021 09:33

I nor any of my family members will submit to being a test subject for pharmaceutical companies. All these injections only have emergency use approval. The drugs are still under going long term testing. People really need to do some research before blindly agreeing to being vaccinated. There will no compensation for anyone if things go wrong as pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued for vaccinations and health insurance companies will not pay out either.

By Michael Wayne Knight from Other on 07-04-2021 03:51

This is pure terrorism to say it like that. How come "yet to receive"? Is there a plan to force a needle of that stuff in to people's blood?

By Kari Lehto from Other on 07-04-2021 10:28
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