One third of poor have stable jobs

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A new study in Portugal has found that a third of those who struggle to make ends meet have a stable job.

The nationwide study on poverty found that overall, 60 percent of the country’s most needy people have jobs, either seasonal or part-time, but still struggle to put food on the table.

Only 13 percent of Portuguese considered poor are jobless, while 27 percent are low-income pensioners.

Other factors which researchers said contribute to poverty are divorce or long-term illness.

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Portugal needs a strategy designed by young people from around the world. Unless younger people get involved, nothing will change. The country is stuck in Medieval period. From the bureaucracy to the speed of work THINGS NEED TO CHANGE here or this place will remain backdated, poor and below poverty when there is so much we all can do but many of us are stuck because of the way many governmental bodies here function in terms of time frame.

By piya from Algarve on 12-04-2021 01:38
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