Algarve surpasses infection threshold

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The Algarve has become the first region in the country to exceed the Covid-19 infection rate limit imposed by the government in March.

Portimão, hit by a series of outbreaks in the building sector, is currently the hardest hit, with an infection rate three times higher than demanded by the prime minister. Albufeira is second, with a rate of 240 cases per 100,000 inhabitants while Lagoa has just crept above the threshold of 120, with a figure of 131 per 100,000 residents.

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People People why be so foolish over a Flu virus and the authorities response to destroy business and peoples ability to live free from government totalitarian state employees,

So out of a 100,000 240 or less get a FLU virus which can be treated with pills. Out of 240 infections how many die from it. What group has the higher risk of death from this Flu Virus out of 240 people infected. What 5 old people that it and destroy country economy and wellbeing over hoax response to a flu virus.

In USA Calif they closed down business but government pick what business that ca be open. We have 6 ft distances where did that idea come from? It came from a doc from 1890. A new doc said 3 ft is good.

State employees said they had to SLOW the flu virus to Prevent ICU beds from being used. Government controls and pays for the beds and given the older people end up there. The shut down in Calif was about saving the state MONEY. We had mask and distance mandates and lock down in homes and NO schools opening. TO Democrat in government if your a Democrat Protester,

Rioter Looter you did not need a Mask or social distancing for you where allowed and government will not say how many got infected from rioting without mask. This is political flu virus. Pot stores where allowed to be open and do not need mask. liberal cities government allowed the right to riot loot and intimidate outside without Mask or distancing This hoax Flu Virus for political ends to move President Trump by destroying the economy with HIGH unemployment.

I would not think it would happen in Portugal but I see the foolish government fear ideas have done it damage. Needless fear over a flu virus with a 98 percent recovery and pills

By Scott M. Bartley from USA on 19-04-2021 03:48

So, no shopping on Monday?

By Gerhard from Algarve on 16-04-2021 02:14

And why have Portimão and Albufeira got the highest infection fates in Algarve, which is itself the first region to surpass the government's March limit for infections? I'll tell you. It is mainly all the selfish obsessives coming down here from Lisbon and the North in defiance of both the spirit and the letter of the law.

The rest of it is tourists. Up until 5th April we were not even allowed officially to go from Loulé to Faro, yet only 48 hours later tourists from Germany, Holland and elsewhere were arriving at their holiday lets for their no doubt "essential" holiday.

Residents of the Algarve are being hung out to dry.

By Ian from Algarve on 15-04-2021 11:06

Easter Lockdown rules were ignored in the Algarve with many visitors from all over Portugal coming and seeding covid 19.

Construction workers live far from their jobs as do gardeners,also helping spike transmissions.

Masks are not being worn and so now we head back to square one.

This selfish behaviour has all but guaranteed another failed season.

When will people learn?

By James from Algarve on 15-04-2021 07:40

Just got back from Mirandela in the North...Went hiking and ate some awesome comida...When you stop lying to people, life gets better...You can go ahead and round file my comment????

By Sachi Squatchmo from Porto on 14-04-2021 09:46
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