Born in New Brunswick, Margo had a hard childhood growing up. As a result of her family life and growing mental illness she had difficulty connecting with others and even smiling. She suffered with anger and sadness and as a result; drugs, alcohol, sex, and violence became her prime way to connect with herself and others.

She eventually found solace in climbing these frozen mountains all over the world. The book also explores the idea that exercise, diet, nutrition and psychotherapy were crucial for her in overcoming the black wave that engulfed her. This rather than medicine was the remedy she needed.

This is a brutally honest memoir that shines the light on mental illness.

The book is written in an open manner and I found it interesting. It is a short book but with a powerful message. The chapters are named after famous ice climbs. Ultimately ‘All that Glitters’ is about resilience and how tough it is to not only climb a mountain but overcome internal mental struggles. Both are equally difficult to conquer.

This book offers a glimpse into the struggles people face. I would definitely recommend you read it, or even buy a copy for a friend.