The main focus of this book is bumblebees. How important they are as an insect, their effect on wildflowers, vegetable and fruit crops. There are currently 250 species worldwide. They are on the decline and they need to be looked after more than ever.

Gardening for Bumblebees’ shows you how you can provide a refuge for bumblebees to feed, breed and thrive. The author’s message in this book is that the size of the space you have does not matter. He aims to show how to make a haven they will love. You get to explore the best trees, shrubs and flowers for pollinators, how to create the perfect nest and breeding site and the best ways to control pests.

The pictures are charming and the book is easy to read and packed with useful information.

Dave Goulson is a Professor of Biology at University of Sussex. He has published more than 300 scientific articles on the ecology and conservation of bumblebees and other insects. He is also a Sunday Times bestseller.

‘Gardening for Bumblebees’ will encourage and inspire gardeners, novice or experienced alike, to make their patch more bee friendly and how to encourage bees, butterflies and much more into the garden.