End of state of emergency 'proves that Government did what it should'

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The Minister of Internal Administration, Eduardo Cabrita, has used the end of the state of emergency, in order to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, to justify that the Government did what it should.

"This report proves that the Government did what it should do," said Eduardo Cabrita in the debate, in Parliament, of the report on the application of the state of emergency, from 17 to 31 March, a period that includes the start of vaccination at a greater rate, including the elderly.

And proof of this, he said, is that he himself will no longer take part in a forthcoming debate on the renewal of the state of emergency, which was planned but left the plenary agenda.

This period is also the one in which the return of students to school was registered, or even the Easter period, when measures to contain the mobilisation of the Portuguese were tightened.

Eduardo Cabrita listed the results of the measures in this period as the vaccination of the Portuguese over 80 years old, the "very significant reduction of cases", which once had a maximum of 600 and now has an average below 400, or the reduction in 38 percent of the number of admissions in intensive care units.

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Hopefully this insanity will be over except for the millions that have lost there jobs ,one can only say maybe there is justice in the after life, lets hope they the politician fry ,and if you think I am wrong,think Texas Florida Sweden and all the other pragmatic countries /states ,what they have done is so so evil

By arabonis Jean from Lisbon on 29-04-2021 02:09


the goobermint is why everything was so bad and so wrong. goobermint always fails.

covid is a scam loved by politicians.

By rod from USA on 29-04-2021 02:01

Well said K. Lehto! All the government achieved was destroying thousands of livelihoods!

By SS from Algarve on 29-04-2021 08:51

You must be kidding.
If they knew what they were doing we wouldn’t be where we are.
The economy in total collapse
Thousands of lives obliterated by the loss of jobs
Hundreds of deaths by suicide
Families with savings reduced to nothing
All for a virus that has a survivability rate of 99.7%
And you still believe all those covid deaths are real with a PCR test that is 97% inaccurate.
Global reset / Universal income anyone ?
How convenient played out.

Hello ? ? ? Time we wake ourselves out of the slumber to seek the truth by asking some serious questions perhaps ?
Or do you prefer to continue walking around blindfolded...

By Charlie Webster from Lisbon on 28-04-2021 09:54

Government cannot control nature with magic. Masks and lock-downs are just magic.
Only reduction of long duration indoor shared areas has beneficial effect and even then only symptomatic people have been shown to be significant spreaders. Masks are a bad mistake, they do a lot of harm and limiting outdoor activities also is bad for health. Outdoor infections are too rare, almost non-existent. People should not worry about social distance at outdoor activities as long as they are not face to face for extended periods with a particularly symptomatic super-spreader. Who is a super spreader? Well there is good info on that... but it is apparently not politically correct info, although true. However, 9 out of 10 people who are symptomatic and ill do not even infect other people, because they have too little viral load. So if you are a regular healthy type of person and you fall ill, you should not be a super-spreader even if you are ill. So it is insane in this sense that people are being lied to and limited so much when all the infections are shown to be due to particular type of instances that could instead be focused on, if it were not for political correctness.

By K. Lehto from Other on 28-04-2021 08:48

The people did it. Not the goverment.
Due to that the majority of the people did what they should do, the Civid 19 is on record low level. And very low compared to resat of EU.

Keep on the good work, and do not destroy this.
It is not over yet.

By Gustav from Algarve on 28-04-2021 07:00
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