"This report proves that the Government did what it should do," said Eduardo Cabrita in the debate, in Parliament, of the report on the application of the state of emergency, from 17 to 31 March, a period that includes the start of vaccination at a greater rate, including the elderly.

And proof of this, he said, is that he himself will no longer take part in a forthcoming debate on the renewal of the state of emergency, which was planned but left the plenary agenda.

This period is also the one in which the return of students to school was registered, or even the Easter period, when measures to contain the mobilisation of the Portuguese were tightened.

Eduardo Cabrita listed the results of the measures in this period as the vaccination of the Portuguese over 80 years old, the "very significant reduction of cases", which once had a maximum of 600 and now has an average below 400, or the reduction in 38 percent of the number of admissions in intensive care units.