The movement "Do for the Planet by Electrão", sponsored by the President of the Republic, has been launched in Lisbon and seeks to find anonymous heroes in this area, either in the community or in companies.

The initiative is from Electrão - Waste Management Association, which in a press release exemplifies who are possible recipients: a person who collects plastic on the beach or in the countryside, or a person who lives in a minimalist way and practises a sustainable lifestyle.

"Electrão is looking for those anonymous activists willing to save the planet" and who can inspire other people, whether they are "Big Changers", at community level, or "Corporate Changers", those in companies who stand out for boosting good environmental practices.

Those chosen as Champions of Change are entitled to a four-day trip to Europe's largest forest park, the Białowieża National Park in Poland. The winning companies will also be awarded prizes.

In the statement the association explains that to inspire the participation of many environmentalists, who are still in the shadows, influencers from the environmental field have been involved in the initiative, and says that registrations can be made on the movement's official page.

"The planet needs everyone to mobilise for this great cause. Because we are not able to fight this fight alone we are determined to find truly extraordinary people, who we know exist and who can inspire this change in a natural way, either in the community or in companies," said, quoted in the statement, the director general of the association, Pedro Nazareth.

And he also said that the movement, which has the support of the Portuguese Environment Agency, intends to promote not only waste recycling, but also the turn towards a more circular economy.

Electrão is the entity responsible for three of the main waste collection and recycling systems: packaging, batteries and used electrical equipment. It manages a collection network for used electrical equipment and batteries with more than 6,000 collection points and is also responsible for packaging recycling throughout the country.