Algarve expects to welcome 5,000 British tourists a day this week

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Around 5,000 British tourists a day will arrive in the Algarve this week.

Yesterday several thousand tourists landed in Faro on what was the first day that Portugal started receiving non-essential trips from the Schengen Area (Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland), the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Throughout the week, in the Algarve alone, on average, more than five thousand Britons are expected per day. Yesterday most of the flights that landed in Faro were from the United Kingdom.

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James- you need to realise that the majority of Brits coming including us are fully vaccinated unlike the vast majority of Portuguese residents and we are not coming for holiday but checking our house is OK and doing maintenance and in 3 weeks pouring at least €2000 into the local economy and paying over €200 for pcr tests when we leave Portugal again more money going into the economy so try and kill the cash cow or more locals will be unemployed and more bars etc closing- I can't tolerate expats doing the 'I'm alright Jack scenario to protect themselves from the 'evil coming from overseas- there's more chance we could take covid back to the UK which is where again on 2nd day back in UK it will cost us £200 in a further PCR test!!!!

By Anthony Foxwell from UK on 19-05-2021 05:15

Portugal to pay a high price for stupidity.

By Malc from Algarve on 19-05-2021 08:29

Fact, the Indian Variant will become dominant in the UK imminently.
So much is still unknown about it ,except it is 50% more transmissable than the kent variant.

Portugal is allowing floods of UK citizens into the country who took a pcr test THREE DAYS before flying.

Now we wait for the Indian variant to ravage the hugely unvaccinated algarve

This is criminal.

By James from Algarve on 18-05-2021 02:33
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