During their patrol, NPA were alerted to an animal that was on the side of the road, in the locality of Palvarinho. Following the action, the NPA moved to the site and rescued the animal, which appeared to be well fed and without injuries. After police due diligence, the owners were identified, and a report was drawn up for lack of CITES certificate and because the animal was not marked.

GNR recalls that, as in the case of a non-indigenous species with few natural predators in Portugal, the African Spurred Tortoise reproduces very easily in the wild and can become a threat factor for the survival of non-indigenous tortoises, since they are competing for the same food, and because they can alter the genetics of the other species.

The Republican National Guard, through the Nature and Environment Protection Service (SEPNA), has as daily concern for the protection of animals, appealing to the pubic to report environmental situations. For this purpose, the SOS Environment and Territory Line (808 200 520) may be used, permanently operating for the reporting of infractions or clarification of any doubts.

For more information, please contact the Communication and Public Relations Officer of the Territorial Command of Castelo Branco, Captain Jorge Massano - 961 195 273.