The eligibility validation for this support is carried out by the Directorate-General for Energy and Geology (DGEG) and it is up to the energy traders to communicate to customers who have started to have this benefit. Moreover, the discount must be identified on the invoice.

It is entitled to the social tariff the holder of an energy source contract aimed exclusively for domestic consumption and in permanent housing, with low voltage installation and contracted power equal to or less than 6.9 kVA in the case of electricity, and powered at low pressure and with an annual consumption that does not exceed 500m3 in the case of natural gas, and that is or may benefit from one of the following social benefits:

  • Solidarity supplement for the elderly;
  • Complement of the social benefit for inclusion;
  • Social insertion income;
  • Social unemployment benefit;
  • 1st tier of family allowance;
  • Social disability pension of the special disability protection regime;
  • Old-age social pension.
  • Or else, but only in the case of electricity, people who have an annual income equal to or less than €5,808.00, increased by 50 percent for each element of the household that does not earn any income.

If you are entitled to this tariff but it is not being applied, you can present proof of your eligibility condition with your supplier requesting verification, and still submit a complaint to the DGEG.

To answer your questions and find out more about these supports or other measures to better manage your energy consumption, you can also schedule a consultation with DECO’s Energy Advisory Office (GAE), through the telephone number 289 863 103 or by email and


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