In a question addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he says it is "important to know if the UK authorities are properly informing the Portuguese consular authorities about the proper expulsions and detentions and if the citizens to whom this happens are informed about their rights".

A source from the office of the Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities, Berta Nunes, told Lusa agency last week that at least two Portuguese citizens were recently prevented from entering the UK due to the lack of a work visa, one of which was temporarily detained.

"The two national citizens were accompanied by the consular services, with the two cases being the subject of dialogue with the British authorities. These national citizens were informed that they would have to return to Portugal," he said.

According to other news, dozens of other Europeans have been detained temporarily in detention centres or in uncomfortable conditions, potentially violating the rights and rules of good cooperation and the European Union (EU).

The socialist deputies consider that this situation is worrying because the Portuguese community of over 300,000 people may “have problems with their travel, especially in a holiday context in which the pandemic has caused constraints in public services for broadcasting of documents ”.

They also ask what the EU and Portugal can do "to prevent abusive rejections of EU citizens by the UK and possible violations of fundamental rights".

On a visit to the United Kingdom last week, the Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities, Berta Nunes, guaranteed that citizens can enter the United Kingdom and stay for up to 90 days without a visa if they come for tourism or to visit friends and family.

"You only need a visa for those who come from Portugal to work. If you come to work, you need to bring a residence visa and a contract", she recalled, regarding the new immigration rules in force since the UK left the EU (Brexit).