Digital "Green passport" to be tested in Portugal by the end of the week

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The so-called ‘Green passport’ to allow free movement in the EU in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic is set to be tested in Portugal by the end of this week.

Prime Minister António Costa said that, from an operational point of view, the European Commission aims to have everything ready by the 1st of June" and "the different countries will now start testing the connection and the functioning of the system”. The objective is that the certificate "will come into force on the 1st of July", in a bid to save the summer tourism season.

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let me get this right... a new drug is being tested on the world's population. a drug that isn't effective at all why becoz were all still wearing masks...AN UNPROVEN SCIENCE....and now to exercise article 13, 2 B of the unhcr on FREEDOM.OF movement we need a chemical agent to be inserted into.our bodies contrary to the nuremberg code and the law of sovereignty of the individual. this is criminal. immoral and nepotistic. its just inhuman. nothing to do with public safety or pandemic control. this us about controlling freedom of movement. its PHARMACEUTICAL APARTHEID. who the hell is challenging this in strasbourg and other European courts ?...surely there must be someone wity some reason and sense to see this is an assault on our basic rights and freedoms in the name of so called security. the facts don't add up and this isn't right.

By Aslan La vega from UK on 01-06-2021 04:39

Sure would be nice to have some indication as to when we (Americans) might be able to travel to Portugal? It is very frustrating to keep changing airline ticket dates, especially as we are vaccinated and continue to test negative.

By Ed Holdren from USA on 01-06-2021 04:09

How and where can I get the Green Passport?
What are the requirements to have one issued?
Can I have one even if only given the first vaccination s***?

By Maria Izabel Velez Fernandes from Lisbon on 30-05-2021 05:09

I didn't have a problem opening the demo, and all you do is full in the form for the info,, exelent!!

By dagmar oates from Lisbon on 30-05-2021 01:36

Any idea whether this will apply to fully-vaccinated US travelers from June 1? We booked flights a year ago arriving on June 20 and are on tenterhooks for whether we will be allowed to visit Portugal this summer. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!

By D Faber from USA on 29-05-2021 10:54

Youd think a country who went through a time period with a tyrant like Salazar would know better then to implement these draconian and repressive measures that create a two-tiered system of citizen based on segregation. Im embarassed to be Portuguese and embarassed by this government.

By Filipe Ferreira from Beiras on 29-05-2021 03:33

The article gives no details on the aspects of the 'Green passport' proposal, such as:
- where do travelers get the digital passport?
- what will be the conditions for the issue of the digital passport?
- what will the travelers need to carry and present the digital passport?
- what happens if the test fails?
- what happens if other EU countries don't have the system ready?

Rather than just parrot the statement, Portugal News needs to be asking questions so readers can be better informed.

By Stephen from Beiras on 29-05-2021 09:43

How will this test be done ?
How can I participate ?

Any sources for this information ?


By Gustav from Algarve on 28-05-2021 07:34

Utter BS based upon a corrupt hot pot of lies! I am so disappointed that many of us seen this coming, the end game and have been fully compliant and brainwashed by such utter facist nonsense!

By Lea Liston from Algarve on 28-05-2021 07:28

Great. Can't wait to visit!

By Jan Vinje from USA on 28-05-2021 04:00

Would be helpful if we were advised as to how a person could obtain this passport.

By Dave Skinner from Alentejo on 28-05-2021 02:50
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