Portugal officially off the green list

By TPN, in News · 03-06-2021 16:57:00 · 37 Comments

It has been confirmed that Portugal is now officially off the UK green list for travel.

Speaking to Sky News, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said that Portugal had been moved to the amber list which will now mean that mandatory quarantine is required upon arrival in the UK when travelling from Portugal.
Shapps said that countries on the amber list should not be considered as destinations for holiday travel.
He said that the government was also concerned about rising numbers of cases in the UK linked to the Nepal and Indian variant.
Rumours about the change in travel status had been abound throughout the day leading to shares in British airlines falling.
By 3:50 pm (Lisbon time), EasyJet’s shares were down 6.07%, while those of the International Airlines Group (IAG) retreated 5.67%. In turn, Ryanair’s bonds were losing 4.26% and TUI’s 3.87%.
“The Government has again ignored the tourism sector by refusing to add new destinations to the already narrow green list,” said senior vice president of the World Travel and Tourism Council, Virginia Messina, quoted by Bloomberg.
Virgínia Messina also stressed that the exclusion of Portugal will “destroy the confidence needed to travel, reduce future reservations and dissuade tourists”.

Portugal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has criticised the UK’s decision to remove Portugal including Madeira and the Azores from its Green List of destinations.

On Twitter the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it “struggled to find logic” in the decision, while the Algarve Regional Tourism Board said the move was "tremendously unfair" and already having an impact on reservations.

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Portugal should put the British in the black list sine die- reciprocity is the basic rule in the relations between sovereign countries.

By Isabel Márquez from Lisbon on 06-06-2021 11:03

@Peggy Littrell, what Portugal certainly doesn't need is an invasion of loud-mouthed, bragging Yanks who think they own the place because as you say, they have deep pockets full of cash. Keep your cash and stay in the States, Yanks, we don't want Portugal spoiled by these people. Thank you.

By Billy Bissett from Porto on 06-06-2021 05:29

I am so upset about the U.K. taking Portugal off the green list, it’s nonsensical and totally ridiculous..why?

By Colleen from Lisbon on 05-06-2021 08:52

Once again the knee-jerkers in Westminster demonstrate that they have no strategy.
They really don't know what they are doing.
Between Westminster and S Bento the Portuguese tourism industry and the British tourist are poorly served by incompetents.

By Peter Higgs from Lisbon on 05-06-2021 05:42

Memo to Brits: We don't want you here unless you're vaxxed and behave appropriately. Portugal can't afford to go through another lockdown. Stay home til it is safe. As for letting Americans in, many won't provide proof they are vaxxed or refuse to vaxx at all because "freedumbs". The EU needs to be firm on this- come here, show proof of vaccination or recent recovery or stay in your own country. It isn't just covid killing people, it's greed and selfishness.

By Elle from Porto on 05-06-2021 04:03

Lots of the comments assume us Brits agree with the appalling decisions and lack of foresight and sensible judgement made by this government. Please remember lots of us didn’t vote for Brexit, didn’t vote for this government and don’t agree with most of the decisions they make. The NHS has done all the hard work here - not this government who is ready to take the credit. I like the comment above about the football match in Porto. Interesting that Michael Gove who came over for the match got pinged and is now isolating! Could that have influenced the decision- childish if it did.

By carol stagg from UK on 05-06-2021 11:05

Please do not blame this on the British people, it is the ggovernment

By GARY BICKLEY from UK on 05-06-2021 08:30

I really enjoy reading your newsletters.
I hope I can come for a visit and get a chance to invest in Portugal one of these days. However, we have to wait for Canada to lift restrictions

By Alnoor Saleh from Other on 05-06-2021 03:54

British people are arrogant and racist. That's why they want out of the E.U. creating brexit, to keep people from Europe out of Britain. They just enjoy using others. It's time for Portugal to bring in tourists from the E.U. the U.S.A. and other rich countries, to keep the economy going.

By Tony from Other on 05-06-2021 02:33

I hope they don't quarantine the agricultural products.

By Daniel from Other on 04-06-2021 11:44

Thanks to people as Boris Johnson, Trump etc.., people who loved each other Will start to hate eachother.. stop this please.. extreme right has to stop...asap... Algarve is Portugal... not british .. we do not need hooligans here...not in Porto.. it all started there... Johnson had to go... hè Will not destroy Europe.. hè Will destroy England

By Peter from Algarve on 04-06-2021 09:40

Hang in there Portugal. We Canadians hope to be back next winter.

By Art T from Other on 04-06-2021 09:09

Why are some stupid people relating this to Brexit. No one wishes to punish anyone. The restrictions are due to science and mathematics. Covid is on the climb here in Portugal and a mistake was made with India and Nepal in late spring which cannot be repeated.

By Chris from Algarve on 04-06-2021 08:55

Why doesn't Portugal open fro US travelers? We have a high % of vaccinated people (especially those who would travel - who are not the Trump crowd). And we have direct flights from many of the East Coast cities. I believe immigration is held up on this reciprocal arrangement. Let us come and we will help the economy.

By Gerald from USA on 04-06-2021 08:32

Should have told Chelsea and Man city to go and play hoof ball in the Falklands and leave all the drunken idiots there.

By Peter from Lisbon on 04-06-2021 07:17

Portugal has done this to itself. Greed prevailed and the let a load of morons in for the champions league final to bring god knows what with them. Zero social distancing enforced and that site has been replicated all along the Algarve. You reap what you sow.

By Cogsy from Algarve on 04-06-2021 07:16

What else can we expect from a nasty and hopelessly incompetent UK government? They really are the absolute pits. I’m incredibly grateful to be living in Portugal and working towards eventual Portuguese citizenship.

By Sam from Madeira on 04-06-2021 06:52

Why would we want to welcome these xenophobic Brits in Portugal. Lets do it like they do: lock them in jail on arrival and send them back to their rain-soaked fascist island.

By Geert Freyhoff from Porto on 04-06-2021 06:17

It’s a scam! There is no virus! The pcr fraudelent testing is the trick they use, to incarcerate you while the6 buy time to abolish cash.
The vaccine, is not a vaccine, it’s mRNA software tech, you’ll be connected to WiFi 5 G if yiu survive it.
The jab is de population shot,
If yi7 take this suicide jab you have 2 years of life on this planet if u lucky, though that be spent in hospitals intensive care.
You people need to wake up, the globalists klaus Schawlow already told you their plans in the book, the great reset, the fourth industrial revolution, the tyrants always warn you befor3xtgey commit their mass murder and crimes against humanit.

Hitler wrote book called mein kampf!

And he delivered on his project.

Communism is evil totalitarian ideology that has already murdered over 300 million people, 5 x more than Hitler.

Covid 19 is a planned organised scam, a pre text fir the murder of 6.5. Billion people.

Choose your sides now! Freedom or communism.

By Yeadon michael professor from UK on 04-06-2021 04:04

This can be the best thing that can happen to Portugal - UK is way behind on their vaccinations- why let them visit Portugal and bring more infections - But Portugal need better control - rules are not followed and the government has some fault on it as well - like constraint times for people to do groceries - they should open supermarkets with longer times so people can get their groceries. Except for Madeira and Azores I will. It be traveling to main Portugal soon.

By Alfredo from USA on 04-06-2021 03:34

Its all very simple, don't let the Brits go abroad so they spend the billions they normally spend here and in Europe in the UK. This boosts the UK economy massively at the expense of Southern Europe. Then wait for "haven't we done well since we left the EU" Business is booming!
How come Michael Gove, who was at the cup final in Porto and flew back with supporters that had Covid escapes isolation by having a "pilot" test of just a lateral flow each day for 7 days. Hmm how do you get on that pilot I wonder?

By robert cawley from Algarve on 04-06-2021 03:12

Who the cares about the British, and who the hell wants to go to that ugly island with horrible weather and ugly people? We should be the ones removing them from our lists.. We have a lot and way more interesting tourists from other countries.. We don't want ugly drunk hooligans here thanks.

By Andre from Algarve on 04-06-2021 02:46

Down the toilet and neither is fat bum will fit in that seat . Complete shambolic UK government that was in charge a incompetent and ignorant that needs a nanny to be look after . And if is bum fits I hope falls down in the drain and diapers for good . Very glad that after been living in the UK since 1990 left in 2018 to not return back

By Isabel from Lisbon on 04-06-2021 02:34

"We dont need you to come, we have been living here for hundreds of years and we will continue without you savage, boastful and presumptuous people. Please stay on your island and stop coming to our beautiful country, we do not need you here!"
By José from Algarve on 04-06-2021 10:2

Xenophobia is obviously still rife in Portugal as I found out 14 years ago when I first arrived. Early on, I took to using a Portuguese name when emailing a business otherwise, I would rarely receive a reply!

By Ben from Algarve on 04-06-2021 02:14

It really is not difficult to understand. Portugal has a caring Socialist government whilst the Uk has a right wing greedy dictatorial capitalist government . Some say it is bordering on fascism.

By Sandy from Algarve on 04-06-2021 01:53

I have decided to become a football supporter, you are exempt from all the rules. No mask needed, no social distancing and allowed to drink on the street as we saw last week in Porto and also with the Sporting celebrations.

By Keith Mason from Lisbon on 04-06-2021 01:33

that's ok jose if you don't want British arrogant people to come to Portugal, although this paper reported back in 2020 that there are estimated 400000 Portuguese living in the uk...no doubt you will welcome them back home as they escape the arrogance in the uk

By mj1 from UK on 04-06-2021 01:22

We dont need you to come, we have been living here for hundreds of years and we will continue without you savage, boastful and presumptuous people. Please stay on your island and stop coming to our beautiful country, we do not need you here!

By José from Algarve on 04-06-2021 10:23

UK put Portugal on the green list because they needed some place to play the final match, no one else would accept the hooligans. Now they are satisfied. D

By Paula from Lisbon on 04-06-2021 07:48

I am sick & tired of the people and tourists from the United States being completely ignored. Why do you focus on the erratic British tourist when there are hundreds, if not thousands of Americans waiting at the airport to come to Portugal? Three hundred million Americans have had at least 1 dose and 41.5% of all Americans are fully vaccinated. American's pockets are full of money and they want to travel. They are folding the European destinations that are allowing US tourists. Wake up Portugal!! Without the fickle Brits, the Portuguese economy needs another plan!

By Peggy Littrell from Algarve on 04-06-2021 12:41


By Albert Ferreira from Other on 04-06-2021 12:35

The airport is a mess, nobody is checking for temperature, proof of test nor full vaccination. The distance restriction is not maintained inside the airport and even less on the plane. The guidelines of FFP2 mask usage is also not complied, not even by the airline staff. Many travelers use the fabric masks which supposed to be prohibited. Some european countries don't check at all the arrivals. It's a joke!!!

By Bruper from Alentejo on 03-06-2021 09:53

Yet more wise strategic manoeuvres from Dr Shapps ..well let's hope Boris gets his water cannons out of storage for the inevitable riots on June 21st when 'freedom' day fails to materialise.

By Dave from Algarve on 03-06-2021 09:25

I predicted back over easter,that the lax behaviour by the Portuguese who travelled all over the country against the rules,would be felt in a few weeks.

So here we are now with the country being removed from the green list and infections rising rapidly.

How many times do we have to keep learning the same lessons?

Now they have guaranteed a disastrous summer and misery for the rest of us that live here.

Sad selfish people that have always taken the attitude it's everyone else's problem.

Now we pay the price again.

By James from Algarve on 03-06-2021 08:09

The amateurish behaviour of the Brexit party in government, featuring the dregs of what was once the Conservative party, is embarrassing. Travel policy up and down like a toilet seat - locking up Europeans who want to work for us?

By Peter Higgs from Lisbon on 03-06-2021 08:07

This is a disastrous move by the UK government that will affect the whole tourism industry, airlines and public confidence in travel. They keep saying it is to protect lives, what about the livelihoods of millions (not an exaggeration) of people whose businesses are on their knees and this will undoubtedly throw them over the cliff edge now. This will just increase poverty worldwide and this will kill more people than the pandemic has so far!! Governments are not fit for purpose!!

By David Keach from Algarve on 03-06-2021 08:04

If one was cynical enough, you could almost say that the whole idea of these lists was the UK trying to punish the EU for Brexit. They know the EU states, especially the southern ones rely heavily on tourism to help the economy. It really does seem that the UK is pushing itself into self isolation....

By Charles Northover from Algarve on 03-06-2021 06:59
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