Foreigners account for a third of Algarve Covid cases

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As Covid cases in the Algarve triple in a week, a third of Covid-19 cases in the Algarve have been attributed to foreigners, mostly tourists, according to the regional Health delegate.

Since 1 June, there have been a total of 456 positive cases in the region, of which 34 percent were people of other nationalities, with a higher incidence in the British (46 percent), French (10 percent) and Brazilians (9 percent), revealed Ana Cristina Guerreiro at a press conference.

According to the official, there are municipalities where cases involving foreigners, whether residents or tourists, represent more than 50 percent of the total, with Albufeira topping the list(65 percent) followed by Aljezur (57 percent) and Tavira (54 percent).

The number of Covid-19 cases in the Algarve has tripled in the last week, from an average of 26 cases per day, until the beginning of this week, to 84, in the last three days, putting the incidence rate of the disease at 117 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

For the regional Health delegate, the calculation of the number of cases for the resident population "is a mistake", since the usual population "is much smaller than what we have at the moment or we will have in July and August" .

Ana Cristina Guerreiro revealed that she had already given the “alert” to “all higher structures”, suggesting that the solution could be to “calculate the incidence “with the estimated population present at that time” in the municipality.

"This number of cases, which is in the numerator of foreign nationalities and national visitors to the region, which we also have, is not in the denominator and, therefore, it is a wrong calculation", she said.

The Health delegate thus joins the mayors of the region, who are demanding a change in the calculation formula, namely the mayors of Loulé and Albufeira, who today asked for a count of tourists so that the calculation is proportional to the real number of people who are in the counties.

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As someone else pointed out in another comment, Brits can't get onto a plane without first having tested negative for Covid. So, unless they're smuggling virus samples in their luggage, how are they in any way responsible for this?
If you're over 80, or otherwise vulnerable, stay safe; otherwise get on and enjoy life and let the bed-wetters do the worrying.
It's also worth remembering that what is being reported is 'cases'. That does not necessarily mean hospitalisations or deaths.
Get a grip, please (but not gripe, hopefully).

By Paula Jones from UK on 27-06-2021 05:03

57 percent of the cases in alhezur are foreigners. Stunning! Especially as tmat the time this article was written there were only 3 cases, so what? One foreigner, one portuguese and one crossbred?

By Patricia from Algarve on 24-06-2021 06:59

Negative test to have been able to fly, so how did they catch it?.... Maybe from people from the Lisbon area who were able to travel freely during the 2 holiday weeks of early June.

By David from Algarve on 22-06-2021 01:57

How many of the so-called infected are vaccinated? Probably most of them.
How many of the so-called infected have symptoms? Probably very few.
Highly relevant issues that need to be addressed in the article.

Thank you!

By Lizz from Lisbon on 20-06-2021 08:54

French and Brits generally do not follow any protocol. I have literally seen French people walk on the streets after their planes arrived when they were supposed to be quarantining. There’s no point of opening too soon. It was going great until we allowed Brits back. Also why is the vaccination going so slow in Portugal ! You cannot have both ways. I understand that many businesses have died because of lack of tourists but should an economy run solely on foreigners coming to trash a place?

By Maddox from Lisbon on 20-06-2021 12:29

I am sick and tired of reading negative comments towards the UK. We are respectable family from England who adore the Algarve and have visited every summer for a months stay for years (sadly not last year). We are respectful, follow all rules and love nothing more than enjoying this beautiful area with our children. The whole world has and is going through Covid hell and we personally have been doing everything asked of us to help fight against this awfulness. Plus to keep banging on about Brexit - why don't you put yourselves in our shoes for once. My family certainly never wanted Brexit (still don't) we did everything we could to stop it happening, but because just over half the UK people who voted did want it we have to accept it. Stop tarnishing everybody with the same brush!

By Elizabeth from UK on 19-06-2021 02:26

So nice to read all these welcoming messages posted here. I have been coming to the Algarve twice a year for the past 15 years and have always followed any restrictions or regulations required. I have 2 holidays booked again for this September. I am an NHS worker so am fully conversant with all current regulations. Maybe I should just rebook and take my business elsewhere in future.

By David Moran from UK on 19-06-2021 11:55

The clamoring to let in the British would be better served by banning all UK visitors his year snd then concentrating on domestic tourism and the rest of Europe.
The minuscule overall benefit of letting them in a few weeks ago for a short period recently which has resulted in a tripling of cases in Loule alone that have resulted in more restrictions again.
It is about time brexit britain is ignored and replaced with a new targeted approach to bringing in tourists from the rest of Europe.

At least then it will rid us of the hideous brexiters and save us from more shutdowns and infection.
We have all seen that they are never capable of obeying rules on masks and social distancing so don’t let them in!

By William from Algarve on 19-06-2021 10:58

They are so keen on testing. Why not ask for a negative test upon entering the country? They should be consistent with their actions and stories but pple seem to buy into everything. Pay attention how PM and Pres. come with opposite info.

By Ana from Algarve on 19-06-2021 09:31

"As Covid cases in the Algarve triple in a week, a third of Covid-19 cases in the Algarve have been attributed to foreigners, mostly tourists, according to the regional Health delegate."

How surprisingly!

By York Rapp from Lisbon on 18-06-2021 11:52

Portugal “News” like Joao Fernandes are totally misguided on their drive for tourist cash, and the results are now on plain view for all to see. How many times do we have to go through this? The indirect cost to the economy must be far higher than any short term gains from attempts to reopen too early.

By Stuart W. from Algarve on 18-06-2021 06:09

Even worse, the Algarve mayors want to change the goal posts of how infections are calculated here.
They encouraged tourism now want to change the goal posts to massage the figures.

You couldn't make it up.

By James from Algarve on 18-06-2021 05:06

Conveniently said...
just blame the foreigners, its the easiest thing to do.

By Joao Fonseca from Alentejo on 18-06-2021 04:58

That's funny. I can't seem to find the Portugal News petition to get Portugal back in UK Green travel zone! In the shredder no doubt, best place for it, probably the same place this comment will end up

By Mike Towl from Algarve on 18-06-2021 03:45
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