In total the police registered 68 administrative offenses and 1,095 refusals to enter or leave the Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon (AML) between 3pm on Friday and 6am Monday.

In a provisional assessment made to the Lusa agency by Captain João Gaspar, from the Public Relations of the National Republican Guard, said that the GNR carried out 140 operations in the AML between 3pm on Friday and 6am today and supervised more of 14,000 vehicles.

João Gaspar indicated that 1,095 refusals to enter or leave the AML were registered, and the GNR sent these people back to their homes.

He added that 68 administrative offenses were registered for non-compliance with the legislation in force within the scope of covid-19, and these people entered the AML without the exceptions provided for in the law.

João Gaspar also said that the GNR detected this weekend a greater number of refusals to enter and leave the AML than during the previous weekend, the first in which restrictions were in force in this area.

For the second consecutive weekend, movement into or out of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area was prohibited between 15:00 on Friday and 06:00 on Monday, with the exceptions provided for by law, due to the increase of covid-19 cases in this zone.

People who have a digital certificate or negative test for covid-19 can enter and leave the Metropolitan Area.