“We are the region of the country with the best vaccination rate”

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The social-democratic deputy in Madeira Rubina Leal stated on 29 June that “it is the region of the country with the best vaccination rate”, highlighting that all the elderly between 70 and 85 years old, have already all been vaccinated.

“We are the region of the country with the best vaccination rate”, declared the Social Democrat deputy Rubina Leal in an brealk in the plenary of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira (ALM).

The parliamentarian from the majority parliamentary group stressed that “the best way to protect the population is with vaccination”, noting that the region “has more than 209,000 administered vaccines”.

Rubina Leal declared that “the region has proven to win the battle to contain the pandemic” and the “campaign has reached recognized values” even by the person in charge of the task-force, Henrique Gouveia e Melo, when he traveled to Madeira last week.

“Madeira has overcome and managed to contain this problem and safeguard human life”, she stressed.

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You're absolutely right Adam Parker.

Vitamin D (very important !!!!) Vitamin C and Zinc, you have to take extra because you do not get what you need through food even if you eat healthy food.

And to lose weight if you are overweight and of course eat healthy.

Those who become seriously ill or die with covid are those who eat junk food and thus have poor health and low vitamin D levels.

Your health is very important always but especially now.

By Liz from Lisbon on 29-06-2021 07:53

This is an experimental vaccine and there have been no long term safty trials. Meanwhile the injuries that have occured as result of the vaccinations have surpassed the injuries and death from all other vaccines on the typical schedule.

Don´t take it. There are other ways to prevent and maintain covid.

By adam parker from Lisbon on 29-06-2021 03:06

Thats good to know, then we dont go there. Thank you for the information!

By Liz from Lisbon on 29-06-2021 02:08
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