We follow the author, Sara Dykman a field researcher who made history when she became the first person to bicycle alongside monarch butterflies on their annual migration. The trip included three countries, as she travelled between Mexico and Canada over 10,000 miles. The amazing aspect to the story is that she rode solo and her bike was put together with used parts.

We follow the journey with all the highs and lows which took almost nine months and we get to experience the beauty of the butterflies through her eyes.

We explore unmarked roads in unknown places with her; share the joy she exhibits with children and experience her encounters with skeptics. She earned many fans along the way including scientists and researchers.

The story is told with humour and her descriptions and sense of adventure are wonderful to read. And of course we get to read all about her monarch sightings. I would say the lack of photos in the book is the one negative for me.
Sara Dykman is the founder of www.beyonabook.org which fosters lifelong learners, boundary pushers, explorers, and stewards.

This book will appeal to cyclists, nature enthusiasts and adventure travellers alike. This is a modern travelogue for a noble cause. Her devotion to the monarchs is commendable and this is a unique book which needs to be read.