This is a breath taking story, so strap in and take a ride with the author. At the age of nineteen Lara Prior–Palmer visited a website that explored “the world’s longest, toughest horse race”. The Mongol Derby is an annual competition of endurance and skill across 1,000 kilometres of Mongolian grassland. The riders race a series of twenty–five wild ponies.

Feeling inspired she entered the race unaware of what lay ahead for her in East Asia.

Riders often spend years preparing for the course, she did not and that left her unprepared. The race is an ode to Genghis Khan who created the horse messenger system.

We follow her as she races for ten days through extreme conditions. Ultimately she battles through little sleep, dehydration, illness and crushing falls. Through her stubbornness and perseverance she started each day fresh but faced mountains, rivers, woodlands and wetlands throughout the race.

Ultimately her passion for horses and her fighting nature saw her crowned the first female winner of this once in a lifetime race.

This book is a page turner and combines race information, honesty and self-reflection.

This is the author’s first book and the beauty of the landscape she describes is majestic. If you are looking for an interesting and inspirational story you are in for a treat!