Sewage stops bathing at Albufeira beach

By TPN/Lusa, in News, Algarve · 20-07-2021 09:53:00 · 6 Comments

A burst sewage pipe in Albufeira in the Algarve is being blamed for leading to sewage being discharged into the sea and preventing bathing.

Beach users are not able to bath in the sea at Praia dos Pescadores until analysis of the waters proves that it is safe to do so.

In a statement, the National Maritime Authority (AMN) said that "the presence of brown coloured water with an intense odour on the beach was confirmed, leading to the raising of the red flag", which prohibits bathing in the sea.

According to AMN, the beach will remain off-limits to bathing until the results of water quality analysis, carried out by the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA), are released.

"The alert was received at 18:00 (19 July), by a lifeguard, informing us that under the jetty, water with a brownish colour was coming out, presenting an intense odour leading to the Maritime Police of Albufeira attending the scene immediately”, state the authorities.


I remember think it was early 80s,I went in there for a swim.days later I couldn't stand proper,it was like sea sickness,,apparently there's a pipe that come from a hotel on the far left that may have been the source, on my return to the UK,a friend told me that around 25 people died from the raw sewage, ,one would have thought they would have learned by now ,????

By Peter from UK on 21-07-2021 08:26

The secret is out they pump raw sewage into the ocean.

Then they claim clean safe Blue flag beaches.

Welcome to reality.

By James from Algarve on 20-07-2021 06:01

How and why has this happened ? A mistake ? Raw sewage into the sea, disgusting. Someone has lots of answers to explain. What and how will this be cleaned n how long will it take ? Top best beaches in the world Lots of ??????

By Joanne Tarren from UK on 20-07-2021 05:46

Are they seriously pumping raw sewage into the oceans? Best beaches in the world? Blue sticker? Surely, that cannot be the standard for Portuguese beaches. Please print an article on how Portugal deals with the sewage from beach communities.

By Paula from Algarve on 20-07-2021 02:03

Why is there even a raw sewage pipe anywhere near the sea? I am guessing that this is one of the old pipes that goes miles offshore and discharges directly into he ocean. What has happened to all the EU money that was provided for WWT upgrades? How can this even be considered a "blue flag" beach with sewage pipes running through bathing areas?

By Stuart W. from Algarve on 20-07-2021 10:48

It will feel like home to the Brits!

By greg from UK on 20-07-2021 10:36
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