Algarve strengthens testing capacity with 10 more units

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SYNLAB has opened ten new units in many cities in the Algarve, to carry out Covid-19 PCR and Antigen tests, without the need for prior appointment. Also, users may opt for a drive-thru option.

Located in Albufeira, Almancil, Olhão, Portimão, Vilamoura and Faro, these new units are only targeted for people who wish to take the test in private health care. This service doesn’t include free National Health Service co-payment tests or insurance co-payment tests.

Tests are performed through nasopharyngeal (swab), with no need for fasting or special preparation. PCR test results are sent in 24h-48h, and antigen test results are available in 1 to 2 hours. Results are sent by email and/or to a SYNLAB Access app, available in six languages, including Portuguese and English.

At a time when the number of cases in the Algarve has been growing, and with many people at this season coming to the Algarve to spend their holidays, these units are an important contribution to tracking and controlling the pandemic.

Schedules and contacts, as well as a complete list of SYNLAB units that perform covid-19 tests are available at For more information, call 300 067 051 or email

Find here where you can get your test:

Antiaging Clinic. Praia da Marina de Portimão. 8500-345 Portimão

SYNLAB Portimão (Drive). Parque de Feiras e Exposições de Portimão, 8500-726 Portimão

SYNLAB Vilamoura (Walk). Marina de Vilamoura, 8125-409 Vilamoura

SYNLAB Vilamoura (Drive). Rua Melvim Jones, 8125-507 Vilamoura

SYNLAB Olhão (Walk). Rua das Prainhas, 8700-408 Olhão

SYNLAB Lagos (Drive). Rua do Bairro da Abrótea, 8600-710 Lagos

SYNLAB Lagos (Walk). Rua dos Caminhos de Ferro, 8600-315 Lagos

SYNLAB Quinta do Lago (Drive). Av. Almirante Mendes Cabeçadas, 8135-107 Almancil

SYNLAB Albufeira (Drive). Rua da Torre da Medronheira, 850 A. 8200-992 Albufeira

SYNLAB Faro (Walk): Praça D. Francisco Gomes. 8000-168 Faro

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"As for the ‘news’, this has to be taken against the increasing background of debate over the sense in ‘mass testing’ of asymptomatic people.

The WHO has already said this is not a sensible policy. There is no data, says its interim guidance of June 2021, that ‘widespread testing of asymptomatic individuals’ offers ‘operational effectiveness’.

Yet this is exactly what is going on in Portugal – particularly in Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo where mobile units are busy this week offering free Covid tests to anyone who happens to be in the area, whether they live in the capital, or even in the country."

By Fred Doe from Algarve on 20-07-2021 08:44

Nice, more testing means more (asymptomatic) cases, which means more restrictions! If you're not sick, and you get tested, your the problem!!

By Fred Doe from Algarve on 20-07-2021 08:38

I’m willing to bet that numerous government ministers have vested interests in these testing companies!

By SS from Algarve on 20-07-2021 08:34

Elle from Porto here

Listen to what Robert says. Like me, he's a medical professional who follows the science. Unlike those anti-vax nutjobs

Today I want to talk about anal swab hesitancy, which seems to be a problem among some of the commenters on Portugal News

As a medical professional, I follow the science. Like Robert. No nut job conspiracy theories for me, I believe in science.

And according to science, the BEST way to end this pandemic would be massive anal swab testing for Delta, Beta, Lambda, and B.1.351 covid variants.

Anal swab testing, where you stick a tube up the rectum and twirl it around is painless and much more accurate procedure than nasal testing. Follow the science.

So get your anal swab test, then get your recombinant nanoparticle chemical injections, to fight SARS-COV-2. Okay, it's true that SARS-COV-2 has never been isolated in a laboratory, and that the PCR test depends on the way it's run (lower speed cycles = almost all negatives, higher speed cycles = mostly positives) but don't worry your little unscientic head over these detail. Let that to us, the doctors who follow the science are not troubled by the fact that SARS-COV2 has never been isolated in a lab or that PCR test results are not reliable, so if we're not worried about these details, why should you be worried?

Follow the science. Get your anal swab, then get your vax

By Elle from Porto on 20-07-2021 12:49

How much are these parasites going to be charging for a test?

I can guarantee they are not doing anyone a favour.

By James from Algarve on 19-07-2021 05:42

In Texas we laugh at this kind of stupidity

By rodric reese from USA on 19-07-2021 05:11
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