Marta Temido was speaking at the end of a ceremony to sign a protocol with the social sector within the scope of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), at Palácio Marquês do Alegrete, in Lisbon, a session presided over by Prime Minister António Costa. “Along with the European Commission and other countries that are in the process of joint purchases, Portugal and the Government are still committed to trying to expedite the delivery of a greater quantity of vaccines” against Covid-19, she declared.

According to the head of the Health portfolio, at the moment, "this is an issue that is on the table". "In the coming days, we have the possibility of having more doses of vaccines for early delivery from Pfizer, through transfers from other countries that are having their respective vaccination campaigns in other phases", said Marta Temido. Before journalists, however, the Minister of Health did not specify that amount of vaccines for early delivery to Portugal.