Every year, between July and September, the Municipality of Silves makes available the facilities of the Fortaleza de Armação de Pêra for the operation of a public health beach centre.

“This year wasn’t different and the council proceeded, for this purpose, to contract and install two containers (with a nursing room, a waiting room, air conditioned, and WC), which guarantee the best conditions of care on site. Despite the local authority's insistence on the Algarve Regional Health Administration (ARS) for the opening of the Beach Health center - scheduled for 19 July - the post is still closed”, said Silves Council.

Therefore, the Municipality of Silves said that it regrets the situation and hopes that ARS Algarve can guarantee the opening of the health center as soon as possible, given the importance of the service during the swimming season.

Also in the same note, the Council of Silves stated that: “It understands the efforts and motivations indicated by the ARS, which justifies the lack of available professionals due to the Vaccination Centers, in the testing of Covid-19 and in the Basic Health Units (services that the Municipality of Silves has always supported the provision of facilities, space equipment, logistical support among others). However, the municipality stresses the importance of opening the Beach Health Center, in Armação de Pêra, as it has a massive presence of tourists who have the need to access healthcare during this bathing season”.