The synopsis of the book is: “After another full day of smiles, celebration and joy at Zoomarine, the animals begin to gather to rest, without imagining how different that night will be. The dolphins Sam and Bio, the blue and yellow macaw called Nile, Fender, the sting ray and Brute, the Mississippi alligator star in a very special night adventure, which will enliven in their hearts the memory of a very special person.”

This story takes place in Zoomarine and makes for a fun read as it plunges the reader into the magical world of the oceans. “It includes some of the most special characters of the zoological family that live at Zoomarine, with a heartfelt tribute to the dolphin Sam, who was the patriarch of the family of dolphins and for years was the partner of the founder of Zoomarine, Pedro Lavia.”

The song inspired by the book includes an animated clip and whose main message is that “Together with Zoomarine, we will save the world”. It is a clip that will surely delight all Zoomarine fans and that can be watched at Additionally, the book is available at the “Magic at Zoomarine” stall and available throughout the summer at Zoomarine, or at the Betweien online store in where it costs 13 euros.
“Betweien is a company dedicated to the design, development and implementation of educational projects and in collaboration with Zoomarine’s Department of Education they created a book that will serve as a vehicle for environmental awareness, associating real elements of Zoomarine with a message of sustainability, adapted to children aged five to 10 years old.” An example of this, is the integration of this history in the EDUCar project which is the largest environmental education project in the Algarve, which will start in the next school year and extending this to the 1st Cycle of Basic Education.