Luís Vinagre was born in Évora in 1982 but it was only from 2003 that he began to deepen his taste for painting, following his path as a self-taught artist. Luís Vinagre moved to Alvor last month, working at Gastrobar13, which he affirms “is a beautiful place and the Secret Garden is wonderful”. Prior to this he lived in Monchique for six months as the rest of the time he spent back in his village, Brotas, in the Alentejo. Despite where he is from, he told me “I feel at home here in the Algarve”.

Luis Vinagre told me he hopes in the future he can have his work exhibited and his dream “is to share the magnetism of his paintings with the world.” Artists that really stand out for him are Salvador Dali, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo “because their works are divine.” However, at this time “I don’t follow anyone and in all honesty I don’t follow any artists, only life, the feelings and emotions and what is around me.”

Additionally, he told me that he has eight works exhibited at the charming Gastrobar13 restaurant and has caught the attention of customers who also want their own Soul Portrait. This unique concept “really came from when I was at a retreat and a girl said to me why don’t you paint the soul and capture that energy”, but last year is when this all came to fruition. All of Luís Vinagre’s work is developed intuitively and the portrait of the soul is made from energetic attunement in which the person gives permission to access their energy and essence and from this attunement, he is able to paint a personalised portrait of the soul, bringing an associated message of the moment.

Luís Vinagre shares his work on Instagram and Facebook and is available to do portraits of the soul, telling me “It is a blessing to connect to the energy and connect to the universe and bring this magic that is the energy of the soul and the beauty of the soul to life, through paintings.” It is magic when there is no separation and for me it is a blessing to give the people this service, an hour to create with the universe, with the divinity and that it brings so much healing.”

“The process of my awakening and the process of the spiritual awakening is still developing and this last year many things have happened inside me, my beliefs and what I think I am and opened the space for the spiritual guides to manifest and bring me this service and I bring this to the people. This is a complex process but at the same time it is very simple, the person has to give me permission to access their soul and my guides connect to the energy of the people and I open the channel and I receive all the information and my guides are helping me to make this creation because it is not only me.”

I asked him what inspires and influences him to create and he told me that he finds the Algarve an inspiring place. “I love to be here, near the sea, listening to the water and receiving many things from the Mother of the waters and I feel blessed to be here this year.”

Apart from art, “I sing with my soul voice that came spontaneously and intuitively and I play shamanic drum, I sing for friends and some retreats that I have participated in. I like music, dancing, love to go to the beach and swimming in the sea, the earth, nature and all the simple things really inspire me. Many things and the simple things are inspiring to me and it’s a process of learning to meet myself and allow the space for my higher self to manifest.” He is always learning and he likes “writing poems, walks in lots of locations, but mostly appreciating life.” He also wants to give a big thank you to all the people who supports his work and his awakening and he sends a hug and gratitude to all.

If you would like to see his work in person, please head to the lovely Gastrobar13. Additionally, if are interested in keeping up to date with Luís Vinagre’s powerful work or if you would like a commission or a personalised Soul portrait, you can contact him via his Instagram @vinagreartwork or his Facebook page Luis Vinagre as well as his email