"The total value of the endowment of public higher education institutions was determined to be 1.25 billion euros in 2022", states the IGeFE document on the endowments of Higher Education Institutions (IES). The amount results from the annual increase of 2 percent provided for in the legislative contract between the Government and the institutions, the reinstatement of the reduction in tuition fees and the cost of integrating bonds.

Public universities and polytechnic institutes will receive a base amount of almost 1.21 billion euros in 2022, 23.6 million euros more than last year, corresponding to an increase of 2 percent. The distribution of this amount among institutions is based on a formula that takes into account variables such as the number of students, professors or researchers. For universities, a transfer of around 846 million euros is foreseen (16.6 million euros more than in the previous year) and for polytechnic institutes a value of 360 million euros (seven million more).

The universities of Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra are the ones that receive the most, in opposition to the Escola Superior Náutica Infante D. Henrique, which should have just over three million euros, according to the document, which is part of the preparation process by the Government of the OE2022 law proposal. The decision to reduce by 20 percent the value of tuition fees, which last school year dropped to a maximum of 697 euros, is also provided for in the document.

The full reinstatement of the reduction in tuition fees represents 38.6 million euros, according to the latest figures from the Directorate-General for Education and Science Statistics (DGEEC) cited in the IGeFE document. In addition to these two instalments, the charges arising from the application of the Program for the Extraordinary Regularisation of Precarious Bonds in Public Administration (PREVPAP) which, according to the IGeFE document, represent 7.1 million euros next year.

The IGeFE emphasizes that “the increase in endowment is greater than the possible increase in State salaries, thus ensuring that the endowment of HEIs increases more than their main source of expenditure”. Once the distribution of public allocations to the HEIs is completed, each institution's budgets are registered on the platform of the Directorate-General for the Budget, whose deadline is 19th August.