"Right now, what we really hope is that the next year will take place 100% in person, because the losses that were detected from the point of view of student learning, with the confinements, were truly catastrophic," said the vice president of the National Association of Public Schools and Grouping Directors (ANDAEP).

The scenario desired by David Sousa may be strange above all for younger children, as it corresponds to the reality of the last two years, marked by the closing of all schools for more than two months due to the pandemic, and sporadic lockdowns in the periods when they were open.

This is precisely what school principals do not want repeated at a time when the country is taking steps forward and relaxing rules, the vice president of ANDAEP said.

“More than trying to see where we can alleviate, we should think 'ok, we have to ensure that classes are held in person all year round for everyone, for that to happen, what do we need to do?' ”, he said, stressing that the decision is up to the health authorities, but the ultimate goal must be one: to prevent schools from closing.

Parents also think this way and, although they prefer to see some measures left behind, such as the use of masks outdoors, they admit that it may be too early for that.

“We understand that there is this care in the face of some insecurity. It is better to be safe than sorry, but I hope that we will move towards having security and guarantees according to the data that science can give us to alleviate”, explained the president of the National Confederation of Parents Associations (Confap).