As of today, anyone wanting to be vaccinated against Covid-19 can do so at any vaccination centre in mainland Portugal as long as they obtain a digital password for the “Open House” programme.

“From today, 27 August, users can be vaccinated against Covid-19 at any vaccination centre in mainland Portugal of their choice, simply using the “Open House” digital password system”, said a statement from the task-force responsible for the vaccination process.

In addition to this, it is also possible to choose the vaccination centre to take the second dose of the vaccine against covid-19, but this option must be made on the day you receive the first dose of the vaccine.

Until now, vaccination without an appointment was only possible at the vaccination centre in the municipality of residence and the second dose would have to be taken at the same centre where the first was administered.

"Also from the same date, users can, regardless of their situation in the self-scheduling process, present themselves at any vaccination centre", they add.

The changes come as a result of what the task force consider to have been the “very positive outcome of the vaccination process” and the greater availability of vaccination centres.

“Since a large part of the eligible Portuguese population is already vaccinated, there is greater availability in the various vaccination centres open at the moment”.

The most recent national data indicate that Portugal already has 72 percent of the population with full vaccination and 80 percent with at least one dose of vaccine against covid-19.

At this stage, the ‘task-force’ reinforces the call for all eligible people to be vaccinated “for the protection of themselves and the rest of the population, taking advantage of the structures that are still in place”.