The accounts provided to the Portuguese Securities Market Commission also show a decrease by 32.8% in operating income, as well as a decrease in income from transactions involving the rights of athletes to €100 million, highlighting the transfer of Rúben Dias for Manchester City.

Benfica's SAD highlights that the poor financial results was obtained "in a period of extraordinary complexity, subject to the impacts of covid-19, in addition to the non-participation in the Champions League and the strong investment made in the football squad".

A year ago, without this type of condition affecting the entire year, the accounts showed a positive result of €41.7 million.

Operating income reached €94 million - against almost €140 million in the previous year -, which is essentially justified "by the lack of 'matchday' revenues, due to the performance of games without the public, and by the reduction in income from distributed prizes by UEFA".

Even with the massive 'sale' of Rúben Dias to Manchester City, revenue from selling players was down from €145 million to €100 million.

"Total income amounts to 204 million euros, and it should be noted that in a year marked by the lack of revenue from games [...] and by not participating in the Champions League, Benfica SAD managed to surpass the threshold of 200 million euros , corresponding to the fourth best fiscal year ever" highlights the statement sent to the CMVM. A year ago, this figure had been 294.4 million.