After leaving the meeting of the Council of State, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa met Christine Ourmières-Widener on a terrace and the two exchanged a few words, in French, recorded by some members of the media.

"We try to do our best. We work a lot," said Christine Ourmières-Widener to the President of the Republic, according to images broadcast by RTP.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa replied that he had seen on television that TAP's new executive team had prepared a restructuring plan to present to the company's board of directors and considered that "it is very important that this process goes well".

Addressing the journalists, in Portuguese, the head of state reinforced: "It is essential that it runs well. It is very important for the country to run well."

The executive president of TAP agreed that this "is very important" and added that the plan will be presented "soon", without indicating any deadline, and that her team has "a lot of energy and a lot of passion".

"Good luck. It's also good luck for Portugal. The Portuguese have a lot of money invested there," with TAP concluded the president.