The Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in the UK is holding a webinar on 16 September detailing Portugal’s Golden Visa and approved Golden Visa fund options.

Portugal’s Golden Visa programme compares extremely favourably with other similar programmes in Europe, offering residency, education and work options in Portugal (and the Schengen countries) for only 7 days presence each year for the first 5 years of residency.

“For UK passport holders, Portugal offers an attractive European base, due to its benevolent tax regime for individuals and companies, an excellent local workforce, a wide range of international schools and universities and a very appealing lifestyle.

“One way for UK passport holders to qualify for a Golden Visa is to invest in one of Portugal’s regulated Golden-Visa compliant investment funds. These offer a wider range of investments (not just property), good returns, a lower risk ratio and less ‘hassle’ than investing directly into property.

“Some of the rules around investing in Portugal via the Golden Visa will change on 1st January 2022. One change is that the minimum investment in Golden Visa -compliant funds will rise from E350,000 to E500,000”.

You can register here to attend this 30-minute Q & A session between the Chamber’s General Manager Christina Hippisley and Chamber member and investment professional Ashish Saraff from Aretha Capital Partners, which also offers Golden Visa-compliant funds in Portugal.