According to an order published in the Diário da República: “In the context of the current epidemiological situation, caused by the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, and within the scope of the easing of lockdown process currently underway, with a reduction in social distancing measures, it is considered crucial to continue to ensure an increase in the testing capacity and coverage, together with the reinforcement of the tracing of contacts throughout the country”, says the dispatch, which took effect on 1 September.

Taking into account that the mandate of the task force for the promotion of the “Plan for the Operationalisation of the Testing Strategy in Portugal” is about to end, it is considered to be “fundamental” that its mandate can be renewed in order to be able to “continue to develop its activity", underlines the order.

The task force' was created through an order dated 18 March and is coordinated by the president of the National Health Institute Doctor Ricardo Jorge (INSA), Fernando de Almeida, and is composed of elements from the Ministry of Health, INSA, and General Directorate of Health, Shared Services of the Ministry of Health, National Authority for Medicines Health Products (Infarmed) and Regional Health Administrations.