“Roughly 20 million vaccines arrived. We have already donated about two million vaccines, 10% of what we acquired”, said Gouveia e Melo, explaining that two million are in stock and more than 15 million were administered to the population.

“There are people who are in recovery cannot be vaccinated. Coverage is quite high, even among the youngest, only 5% did not come to the vaccination process. Some can't because they've been infected,” he said.

As for the population eligible for vaccine against Covid-19, there are about 345,000 people left, according to Gouveia e Melo, who pointed out that there are 140,000 who have not yet recovered from Covid.

Regarding immigrants, the vice-admiral noted that about 134,000 people registered on the website created by the government for this purpose, but that there was a lot of “repeated data” in the available records. “Extracting this percentage, we were able to vaccinate 85,000 people in processes aimed at people who did not have their situation regularised in the national territory”, he stressed.

The ‘task force’ also said that official data pointed to 614,000 foreigners in Portugal, of which 460,000 were vaccinated with at least one dose of the vaccine against Covid-19.