"An illustrated survey of the actual science behind recent science fiction investigates the frontiers of contemporary scientific knowledge and the possibility, and probability, of starships, cyborgs, time travel, and other “science-fiction” phenomena”.

What was she thinking!

Clearly it got me into science, computing and eventually my science-based career in IT but all the time I kept a watering eye on the weird and wonderful world of UFOs and the interesting characters involved.

Now here we are in 2021 and still no sign of the elusive men from outer space… Or is that really the case?

This week I’d like to talk a little about the curious case of BOB LAZAR.

The story of Robert Scott Lazar started in May of 1989 with the fantastical claim he worked on a secret US government project at Nellis Airforce Base, also known now as the infamous AREA 51.

The mysterious story still keeps on giving decades after its inception and sure makes for some fascinating reading for anyone going down the rabbit hole.

He claims to have been recruited to reverse engineer one of NINE flying saucers (UFO’s) in the possession of the United States Government.

George Knapp a now worldwide famous investigative reporter broke the story for Las Vegas KLAS, to this day the story and his fantastic claims continue to stoke debate and content online.

The subject is way too big for me to fully cover here and I’ll leave you sleuths to dig deeper. Some of the claims made by Bob include how the propulsion of these vehicles work, the fuel they use and even suggestions that the little green men, or grey ones to be more to the point, seem to be coming from a twin binary star system called Zeta Reticuli.

I wonder, is it chilly there this time of the year?

The recent documentary called Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers and narrated in part by our own earth Alien, Mickey Rouke makes for some interesting viewing and is available via the usual online streaming culprits. It should leave you with certainly more questions than starting.

What do you think of the claims and Bob Lazar story?

Have you seen something in the sky over the Algarve/Portugal?

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Keep your eyes on the skies….