According to the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA): “The dry and mild weather of the last few days will change to rainy weather and a gradual decrease in maximum temperatures, between October 28 and 31 [between Thursday and Sunday]”.

The weather forecast points to the weakening of the anticyclonic region that extends from the Azores to Western Europe, which will allow “the passage of tropical air masses with a high water vapor content, transported latitudinally, in a pattern commonly known as ' atmospheric river'”.

“This meteorological situation is expected to lead to persistent precipitation in most of the country and has the potential to produce persistently heavy rain, especially in the Centre and South regions, where the impacts could be significant”, indicated the IPMA.

The rain should reach the Minho and Douro Litoral from mid-afternoon on Thursday, then it will gradually spread to the remaining North and Centre regions, and from Friday, to the South region, according to weather information.