According to the Czech newspaper Krimi Plzen, the death was declared at the scene.

Krimi Plzen said that the body found was the 19-year-old Portuguese medical student, who had been missing since early Saturday morning, after going to a disco.

According to the newspaper, the young man lived in an apartment on the top floor of the building.

Quoting witnesses, Krimi Plzen indicates that the young man's apartment gave direct access to the skylight, where the body was found.

However, a police spokesman confirmed the discovery of the corpse, but declined to comment on his identity, saying authorities are still investigating the case.

Contacted by Lusa, a source from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MNE) said the situation is being monitored by the Portuguese Embassy in Prague.

“The Embassy of Portugal in Prague continues to monitor the steps of the Czech police authorities, which continue”.

According to some colleagues and friends, the young man has allegedly been missing since the early hours of Saturday, after going to a disco, and having been seen entering the apartment, at around 5:00am.

Friends contacted the local authorities on Sunday to report this disappearance, after realising that he had not been seen since entering the apartment at dawn on Saturday.

In addition to the police and student associations, friends reported his disappearance to the Portuguese Embassy in Prague.