According to some colleagues and friends, the young man had allegedly been missing since the early hours of Saturday, after going to a disco and having been seen entering the apartment, at around 5:00am.

Friends contacted local authorities on Sunday to report the disappearance, after realising that he had not been seen since entering the apartment at dawn on Saturday.

According to the Portuguese MNE, "the Czech Republic's police authorities confirmed to the Portuguese embassy in Prague the identity of the body found yesterday [Monday] at the place of residence of the national citizen who disappeared over the weekend."

The same source added that the ambassador of Portugal in that country had already met with the young man's relatives. Elements of the embassy and consular section are in the city, in order to provide the necessary support to the Czech authorities and to the family of the national citizen who died, the ministry said.

According to the local press, which cites witnesses, the Portuguese student was found dead in a skylight in the building where he lived, in the city of Plzen.

According to the Czech newspaper Krimi Plzen, the body found is that of a 19-year-old Portuguese medical student. The young man lived in an apartment on the top floor of the building.