In a statement, the national leadership of Chega "demonstrates head on against new restrictions that sacrifice mobility, businesses or families."

"Given the predictable increase in cases, the Government should have strengthened the capacity of the NHS, namely in terms of hospitalisation and specialist consultations. This, despite all the warnings, was not done at the appropriate time", reads the note.

Chega considers that the Government "can and should consider specific and informative measures that help to reinforce the prevention of new contagions, without at any time bringing in new restrictions in the scope of working hours or citizens' mobility".

"Doing the opposite will send the country into an even deeper crisis," the party maintains.

Prime Minister António Costa said today that he did not foresee the need for a new state of emergency, but assured that despite the dissolution of parliament, the Government will not hesitate to adopt more restrictive measures to contain the Covid-19 pandemic.