Paulo Rangel expressed his position on this matter based "firstly on a pedagogical message" and only then, as the health situation is monitored, and taking into account the recommendations, "there may be more demanding measures".

"There is a set of precautions that we all must have without any obligation, which we must adopt, but for that, a very strong communication of these messages is necessary", he said, implementing with "conventional hygiene care" such as "the mask in situations that justify it”.

The candidate for president of the PSD understands "that moderate measures of caution and prudence are justified, but many of them can be, from now on, only advised, regardless of their obligation."

Paulo Rangel admits "that the Government, based on the information it has collected, can make a more restrictive imposition", but argues that the Government should, first of all, "make a well-made communication".

“Because we see a lot of people adopting the behaviours spontaneously, so we need to reinforce the message”, he stressed.

Rangel insisted that, in the area of ​​health, the socialist government "is failing in three dimensions", specifically, in addition to the communication aspect, in the management of the post-pandemic in hospitals, with the layoffs that have occurred in various units across the country and in vaccination against Covid-19.

With regard to vaccination, the Social Democrat argues that “it has to be clearly accelerated, even if it is necessary again to resort to someone who can create a stimulus, who can direct the logistical operation” to ensure that Christmas comes with complete vaccination.