"Tests [with covid-19] are now mandatory for any entry into national territory, whatever the point of origin and whatever the nationality of the passenger," the prime minister said.

António Costa underlined that "it is the obligation of all airlines, at the time of 'check in', to only allow the boarding of flights to Portugal by people who prove to be properly tested and cannot transport anyone who has not been properly tested to Portugal".

"We note that unfortunately the airlines have not fulfilled their obligation and that is why we have changed the administrative framework and will apply a fine of €20,000 for each passenger that is disembarked in Portuguese territory without being properly tested".

In addition, according to António Costa, the Government will "increase the additional sanctions that may culminate in the suspension of the flight licenses of these companies for national territory".

"I would like to leave a very clear message to the airlines: we consider that it is profoundly irresponsible to transport people who are not tested and to disembark people in national territory who are not tested", he stressed, indicating that the Government intends to keep the borders open.

Mainland Portugal will enter into a state of calamity on December 1 due to the covid-19 pandemic, see all the new rules that will be in place here.