According to a report by CNN Portugal, confirmation was given by the Government, taking into account the absence of specific measures to combat the disease in the ordinance, published this month of May, which regulates the 2022 bathing season, including physical distance between bathers and the use of a mask to access the beach.

This year, only common sense is recommended and none of the rules are mandatory. These rules that in recent years, if not complied with, could have been worth a fine of between 50 and 100 euros for citizens and 500 to 1,000 euros for companies.

Back to normality

The Federation of Beach Concessionaires welcomes the lifting of restrictions. "We can already work at 100%, we can even do events, such as wedding parties", João Carreira, president of that federation told CNN Portugal, admitting that it's good to return to normal: "We have safe beaches, we want to receive bathers and tourists safely and give a good image of the country".


Unlike in previous years, no one will be forced to wear a mask, neither to access the beach, in beach bars and restaurants, or even when accessing the bathroom. However, says João Carreira, some of the businesses will continue to use masks. Any bather who wants to wear a mask can also do so, but without any obligation.

Sunshades and awnings

The distance of three metres between awnings and parasols that was planned as a form of security during the pandemic is no longer applied. Now, the concessionaires can return to the previous rules and bathers can put their parasols wherever they want. If a group of 10 people wants to set up their parasol next to each other, they can do so, regardless of the distance.

However, on many beaches, the placement of awnings with distances of three meters will remain, although it is not mandatory. This, explained João Carreira, was simply a matter of logistics. That is, in most cases, the awnings and other equipment were assembled before the publication of the ordinance, and therefore are still in accordance with the distancing rules verified in previous years.

Social distance

For two years, it was recommended that bathers should keep a distance of 1.5 metres from other people, on the sand and in the sea. Unless they were from the same group. This recommendation has also ended.

Beach sports

As for sports on the beach, the rules applied in the last two years no longer exist. Surf lessons and similar classes are no longer limited and sports are always allowed.