The association's position comes after the prime minister announced that entry into night entertainment spaces will be subject to the presentation of a negative test for Covid-19, even for vaccinated people, from December 1st, and bars and clubs will close between January 2nd and 9th.

"The week from January 2nd to 9th, I think is very good, I think it's correct, because during the festive period of Christmas and the end of the year there will be meetings and gatherings of families and groups and this must be”, said the president of the Southern and Algarve Discos Association (ADSA), Liberto Mealha.

However the mandatory presentation of a test, even with a vaccination certificate, is criticised by the Algarve association, which will today ask the Ministry of Economy for a review of the measure, together with representatives of the night entertainment of Lisbon and Center and North, in a meeting scheduled for 15:00, in Lisbon, revealed Liberto Mealha.

“After minister Siza Vieira announced that he was going to resume Apoiar, nothing more came up, there was no amount to be entered into the accounts and the amount that was promised to us fell flat. And what will also be discussed today is the mandatory test when people already have the digital certificate to be able to enter a bar or a nightclub”, he added.

Liberto Mealha considered that, “if there is a digital certificate, having to take a test also to go for a drink at a bar or a nightclub is too much”.

“With this value [of the test], added to that of the drink, a person simply won't go”, he argued, acknowledging that “logically” the customer will have to bear the cost.

Representatives of clubs and bars will, therefore, at the meeting at the Ministry of Economy, “see if it is possible to cancel this test situation”.

“If it's not possible, at least let a test like it exists in Madeira be accepted, which is a test valid for one week. That would solve the problem a bit, it was an investment in the test, but it would be valid for a week and you could go to bars and clubs”, he countered.

Asked about the operationalization of the measure, Liberto Mealha said that “this was not clear” in António Costa's announcement.

“I don't know, I think the test can also be done outside the establishment, but it's very complicated, it's not practical, it doesn't work and we're going to transmit it this to those who will receive us in the ministry”, he added.