Workers in these spaces are required to wear a face mask, as detailed in the new DGS standard, which also determines that bars and clubs must maintain the maximum capacity determined for people/services in the establishment (indoor and outdoor), in compliance with the legislation in force and to affix this capacity in a specific document, visible to the public.

On November 26, after a meeting with the Secretary of State for Commerce, Services and Consumer Protection, João Torres, the president of the National Discos Association (ADN) said that the Government had confirmed the mandatory use of masks inside night entertainment establishments, a situation that the updated DGS guidance does not address.

According to updated DGS guidance, access to bars and clubs and other non-spectacle drink establishments and venues with dance floors is dependent on the presentation by customers of an “EU Covid certificate in the form of test certificate or of recovery” or “other proof of laboratory testing with negative a result”.

The requirement of a test or recovery certificate or other proof of a laboratory test with a negative result does not apply to "workers of spaces or establishments as well as any suppliers or service providers that enable the operation of the same, unless this is the case required under other standards”.

Bars and clubs are required to prohibit entry to users who present symptoms compatible with Covid-19 and to provide hand sanitizer dispensers located "near the entrance of the establishment and in other convenient and accessible places, associated with the provision of explanatory information”.