"In these first days, and I speak here of the reality of the city and downtown of Porto, in the approximately 30 establishments, with one or another exception, most had a drop in clientele and turnover of above 60%, and there were even places with losses of 90% during this weekend”, stated Miguel Camões.

Speaking to Lusa, the president of ABDMP said that “some businesses are already considering closing their venues because on Saturday night they had practically empty houses”.

Miguel Camões therefore appeals to the Government to provide tests and, “above all, to move forward with support for the sector”.

“In fact, it took away one of the best months of the year, which is December. Perspectives are bleak for the entire sector. It's almost like a return to the period when we were closed because we have venues that were completely empty or with 90% losses", he stressed.

The official added that "the sector is once again in a very complicated situation and with the absence of Government support, lay-offs, and billing losses, it will be difficult. There were those who survived for nearly 20 months, but perhaps this time they can't stand it and will have to permanently close their business”.

“We foresee a very dark December, the Government has to realise that when it imposes restrictions on the exercise of economic activity, it automatically has to put support on the table”, he said.