On 11 December, the renowned Steakhouse Bovino hosted a charity dinner for over 100 people to help support charities such as the Salvation Army and the Parkinson and Alzheimer Disorders Association (AHDPA). In total, with the help of each one of the participants, more than €6,660 was raised - an amount that will make a big difference to many people’s lives.

On Arrival at Bovino's, the Salvation Army brass band was playing beautiful carols that set the scene perfectly. During the night Julia Hammond, whose energy was astounding and contagious, was the star of the show performing beautifully a selection of Christmas favourite songs, compering the raffle and the auction.

The food at Bovino’s was exemplary and anybody looking for a fantastic restaurant for a special occasion should place this at the top of the list. Whilst the restart specialises in steaks, the meat eaters were seriously impressed and the vegan menu was superb, literally making both vegetarians and non-vegetarians fall in love with the creativity and flavours on the plate. Excellent wines and delicious welcome drinks added to an incredible evening for all involved.

Praise must go to the whole team, a great team, of Arina, João, Marlene and their staff, who made the whole evening such a fantastic experience. In addition, special praise and thanks must go to Sean the CEO of Quinta do Lago who stepped in at the eleventh hour when Julia was let down. What a great selfless community minded act this was and just shows how strong the community is in and around Quinta Do Lago.

To raise over €6,660 shows true generosity of spirit and a special mention must go Vicky Chitty, who donated €1,000 as her special present to those in need.

The final word though must go to Julia Hammond who created, organised and ran the show. She is an absolute legend. The music, the entertainment and the fun of the evening was all down to the sheer exuberance she effortlessly exuded throughout the night. Thank you Julia and I am sure this is also from all that attended.