“We had warned at the end of the summer of the need to plan booster doses. Unfortunately, we are a few days away from Christmas and this work has not yet been done”, said the vice president of the PSD parliamentary bench, Ricardo Baptista Leite, in statements to Lusa.

For the deputy and doctor, "it is somewhat in the hands of the Portuguese to guarantee" the "best possible way" to respond to the increase in cases of Covid-19 and "other threats in the health system".

Regarding the Covid-19 announcements, Baptista Leite classified as “inconsistent the different measures between restaurants, bars and clubs, especially in relation to testing”.

“There must be clarity in relation to the measures that are taken and there are a series of inconsistencies here and this makes the citizens themselves feel confused after two years of managing a pandemic”, he warned.

He then appealed to the Government to "find alternative mechanisms to speed up vaccination without continuing to withdraw resources from the NHS and health centres", such as including community pharmacies in the plan.