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Mandatory remote working from 25 December

The Government decided to bring forward the period during which teleworking is mandatory, determining that this regime takes effect from 25 December.

Closing of day care centres and ATL

The closure of day care centres and ATL, which was scheduled for between3 and 9 January, has been brought forward to 25 December, with the Government ensuring support for families.

Discos and bars closed from Saturday

The closing of discotheques and bars with dance spaces will be brought forward to 25 December.

Mandatory negative test for access to hotels, family parties and business events

A negative test is now mandatory for access to hotels and local accommodation establishments from 25 December, as well as for business events and family parties, such as weddings or baptisms.

Access to sporting and cultural events will also depend on the presentation of a negative test for coronavirus, regardless of the number of spectators.

Free tests increase from four to six per person

The number of free Covid-19 screening tests carried out in pharmacies and laboratories will increase from four to six per person each month.

This is a measure to increase testing, considered by the Government as one of the fundamental strategies to control the current pandemic situation in the country.

Commercial spaces with limited capacity

The capacity of commercial spaces will be limited to one person for every five square metres to avoid gatherings.

More than 10 people on public roads on New Year's Eve prohibited

Gathering more than 10 people on public roads is prohibited on New Year's Eve, as is the consumption of alcoholic beverages in these public spaces.